What our clients say

Love this product!! The powder makes it easier to use as well, whether it’s adding some to food or drinks, I found that dabbing it gives me the best result. Everyone I have shared this with said it was a life changer for them.. and it was for me as well. It has helped me in many of the ways that it is advertised. I love this stuff and will continue to buy it, and only from our company .

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CBD Crystal

The cannabis compound CBD (cannabidiol) produces a peaceful

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CBD Powder

CBD is non-psychoactive, so is safe for the whole family as it produces no intoxicating effect.

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CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is very beneficial containing a lot of antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


The cannabis compound CBD (cannabidiol) produces a peaceful

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Who we are

LONZA BIOLOGICS INC is a wholesale supplier for CBD Products who deals with all kind of CBD items including Hemp CBD Crystal Isolate, CBD Isolate Powder CBD e-Liquids, CBD / CBG, CBD WATER SOLUBLE. Our CBD Hemp plants are already 100% Organic, We have also started to move towards our goal of sustainability, because we are on the board for sustainable revolution since the days we have started our services and we don’t believe in unsustainable process of the past, Rather we want to push forward towards a 100% sustainable future.